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Province pledges to provide $564,369 to Halton Healthcare



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Province pledges to provide $564,369 to Halton Healthcare

The provincial government has announced they will be investing more than $500,000 in Halton healthcare.

According to the release from Parm Gill, MPP for Milton, the Province will be providing $564,396 as part of the Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund to Halton hospitals to improve and maintain infrastructure, and ensure the atmosphere is comfortable for patients.

“These investments will help ensure that patients in Milton and Halton Region can receive the care they need in a safe and comfortable setting,” Gill said in the release.

“The Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund will help ensure that hospitals across Ontario are able to make the needed upgrades and improvements, so patients and families have access to the reliable, quality care they expect and deserve,” he continued.

The money will go towards fixing some urgent issues for Halton hospitals including upgrading or replacing the roofs, windows, heating and air conditioning systems, fire alarms, and back-up generators.

“We are pleased to be receiving $564,369 this year for essential upgrades and improvements to our Milton and Georgetown hospitals. Projects include waterline and air handling unit replacements; updates to outdated lighting and plumbing; and, roof replacement,” Denise Hardenne, President and CEO of Halton Healthcare, said in the same release. 

“These investments help to improve the energy efficiency of our buildings and ensure a safe and healthy environment for patients and staff. We thank the Government of Ontario for these investments and for helping us to achieve our vision of providing exemplary patient experiences, always,” she continued.

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