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Property Taxes are Set to Increase for Milton Residents


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Property Taxes are Set to Increase for Milton Residents

Milton town council recently approved the 2019 budget.

This budget, according to a press release, represents an investment of $55 million in capital projects. In addition, the 2019 operating budget, which provides programs and services for Milton residents, is set at $136 million.

These numbers are only slightly different from the proposed budget outlined back in December of 2018. The proposed capital budget was $55.5 million and the proposed operating budget was $137 million. 

With the approved budget, Milton’s local portion of the property tax levy will increase by 8.30 per cent. The property tax increase is an additional $20.11 per $100,000 of residential assessment. 

When combined with the estimated changes at the region and school board, the average Milton household will see an estimated overall 3.67 per cent change from 2018 property taxes, or $25.65 per $100,000.

 “At the end of the day, everyone on Council wants to ensure taxpayers get the best value for their money,” Councillor Zeeshan Hamid, Milton’s 2019 Budget Chair, said in the release. 

“The 2019 Budget attempts to balance the cost pressures associated with growth and the need to set aside funds for future infrastructure renewal.”

The 2019 budget includes plans for a core services review in order to support informed strategic decision-making about service levels and service delivery. 

The town is also set to commence a planning process that will consist of significant public engagement to ensure alignment between resource allocation and Milton’s vision and priorities.

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