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Popular Cafe Closes in Oakville



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Popular Cafe Closes in Oakville

Sad news, Oakville.

A popular tea and coffee joint in town has shut its doors.

We could’ve worked outta here all day, errryday.

Goldstar Cafe in downtown Oakville has closed.

The laid-back vibe at this Lakeshore Rd. E. spot -in an historic building- was punctuated by white tables with comfy grey chairs and booths, pendant chandeliers and plenty of seating, plus a cool semi-private upstairs level where you can settle in with mugs which have glam handles and pretend you’re in a chic place which just so happens to be quiet and cozy.

It was a refreshing local alternative to the conventional coffee chains, and their food choices were surprising (and under $10).

For example, there’s a soup and salad combo, chickpea salad in a jar and the chicken panini sandwich came with pears, arugula, brie, and sriracha honey sauce.

Staff always kept it 100 … they’d even heat your food and bring it to you … when you were done, you could chase all that sugar and spice with the free detox water.

We were fans of the Matcha Green Tea Latte.

Plus the Date Squares.

And the Smoked Salmon toast.

What’s on tap for 350 Lakeshore?

Well, the property is under new ownership and another cafe will be opening this summer via a different name: Cafe 350.

We’ll keep you posted with opening details as they become available.

Cafe 350 – OPENING SUMMER 2018

350 Lakeshore Road E , Oakville, Ontario

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