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Police Investigating Violent Masked Robbery in Milton



Police Investigating Violent Masked Robbery in Milton

Police are seeking to identify three suspects as they investigate a violent robbery in Milton.

The incident happened around 10:45 p.m. on Wednesday, August 29 at the Big Bear convenience store at 890 Main Street East.

According to police, three males wearing distinctive masks entered the store, confronted the lone staff member, stole a large amount of cash, and fled in a vehicle.

The staff member suffered minor injuries in the robbery, police say.

The first suspect is described as a male wearing black pants, black shoes, a black hooded jacket, a white bandanna covering his face, and carrying a grey backpack.

The second suspect was wearing black pants, a grey hooded jacket, black gloves, and a mask with a bushy white moustache and white eyebrows.

The third suspect was wearing a black sweater and a mask with a brown moustache and eyebrows.

The investigation has lead police to turn their attention to an incident that happened earlier the same night at 8:35 p.m., in which two black males reportedly entered a store within the plaza at 1095 Maple Avenue.

Police say the males were observed purchasing the same masks and gloves used in the convenience store robbery two hours later.

The first suspect in this incident is described as a black male in his early 20s, 6 feet, with a medium build. He has black hair and a goatee, and was wearing a black shirt, black pants, green socks, and bike sandals.

The second suspect is also a black male in his early 20s, 5’10, with a muscular build. He has a goatee and was wearing a black hat, red fade pattern t-shirt, black pants, and black shoes.

The two suspects left the area in a green convertible, police say.

The investigation is ongoing.

Police have appealed to anyone who may have information regarding the suspects to contact them at 905-825-4747, ext. 2116.

Photos courtesy of Halton Regional Police

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