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Planning Study Underway for Burlington Waterfront Hotel



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Planning Study Underway for Burlington Waterfront Hotel

A planning study is underway in Burlington to redevelop the waterfront site at Lakeshore Rd. and the foot of Brant St.

The project includes the Waterfront Hotel at 2020 Lakeshore Rd.

The Waterfront Hotel planning study will guide the property owner in the redevelopment of this site.

Residents have expressed concern about maintaining green space, preventing highrises, 

Located next to two of Burlington’s most significant landmarks, Spencer Smith Park and the Brant Street Pier, input from residents is needed to ensure the new development reflects a high quality of urban design that enhances the community’s access to the waterfront and the downtown.

Three community workshops have been held so far to to learn about the next phase of this planning study.

A preferred concept for the site was presented to residents.

Using input, plus information from additional technical studies, the proposed concept will be refined.

The Brant & Lakeshore Planning Study will establish a strategic framework to guide development on the site.

In addition, it will develop and assess optional redevelopment concepts, along with any formal development applications submitted on behalf of the property owner.

It will also prepare an Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment.

Keep in mind, the redevelopment of this site must meet the city’s urban design and growth management goals, and enhance the adjacent public space and waterfront.

The work plan includes five phases — each phase provides an opportunity for public input.

It also includes coordination with the downtown mobility hubs study.

A final preferred land use concept is expected to be presented to city council in November.

Photo courtesy of the City of Burlington

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