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Parking in Burlington is About to Get a Lot Cheaper


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Parking in Burlington is About to Get a Lot Cheaper

Parking in Burlington is about to get a lot cheaper. Like, a lot cheaper. 

Throughout the month of December, the city will be offering free parking (known as Free P) in downtown Burlington parking lots and on-street spaces. 

“This is the sixth year the city has run the Free P program, providing visitors with convenient access to Burlington’s vibrant downtown,” Vito Tolone, Director of Transportation, said in a recent press release.

“The holidays are a great time to experience downtown Burlington and all that the local shops, restaurants and businesses have to offer.” 

Free P will allow vehicles to park in on-street parking spaces at no cost for up to three hours. 

There will be no time limit for vehicles parked in municipal parking lots or the parking garage at 414 Locust St.

Free parking overnight in municipal lots will also be allowed.

Motorists with downtown parking permits are reminded to continue to park in their assigned parking lot throughout the month in order to maximize the number of parking spaces available for visitors and holiday shoppers.

Free parking is also available year-round downtown Burlington, Monday to Friday after 6 p.m. and all-day Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

Photo is courtesy of the City of Burlington. 

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