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Owning a Dog is About to Become a lot Easier in Milton



Owning a Dog is About to Become a lot Easier in Milton

A dog is a man’s best friend, or so the saying goes.

And now, owning a dog is about to become a lot easier in the Town of Milton. 

Milton council, according to a press release, recently approved the outsourcing of dog licensing in the town to DocuPet – a company that provides pet registration and lost pet services.

The goal of this is to enhance compliance and improve the customer experience for dog owners in the town when they’re renewing or getting their pet’s license.

With this new modern program, dog owners will be provided with an enhanced online experience, with features such as automatic renewal options, online pet education, a rewards program, and real-time lost and found animal reporting.

“Modernizing our dog licensing program with DocuPet will allow us to achieve enhanced compliance in tandem with a better customer experience,” Troy McHarg, Interim Commissioner of Corporate Services, said in the press release. 

“This is another example of Milton’s commitment to evaluate our programs and services to find efficiencies and improve service delivery.” 

The transition to the DocuPet program is expected to happen in mid-February. 

In the spring and summer a door-to-door awareness campaign will be used to increase awareness about animal licensing and provide pet owner education.

Milton’s animal control by-law requires that all dog owners obtain a license every year. 

The cost of a license can range anywhere from $34 to $80.

For more information about the new program, contact Animal Services at 905-878-7252 x2254.

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