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Outdoor Skating Rinks to go to in Halton This Year



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Outdoor Skating Rinks to go to in Halton This Year

As Canadians, we thrive in the winter time. Well, at least that’s what the Canadian stereotype tells us right? Regardless of whether you fall into this stereotype or not, it is always nice to have something to do during the colder months. 

One of many activities you can partake in this winter in order to make the cold weather a little less discouraging is ice skating.

Luckily, the Halton Region has a huge selection of outdoor skating rinks that residents can utilize during the winter months whether you’re a pro or just beginning.  They are as follows.


These ice rinks are unsupervised and people are advised to skate at their own risk. According to the town, rinks are open from dawn till dusk.

Rinks with outdoor lighting are open until 11 p.m.

  • Bloomfield Park – West Oak Trails
  • Clearview Park – Clearview
  • Falgarwood Park – Iroquois Ridge
  • Glenashton Park – Iroquois Ridge
  • Langtry Park – Glen Abbey (west of Third Line)
  • Millbank Park – Uptown Core
  • Nautical Park – South West Oakville
  • Nottinghill Park – Glen Abbey (east of Third Line)
  • Sixteen Hollow Park – West Oak Trails
  • Wallace Park – South Central Oakville – outdoor lighting until 11 p.m.
  • Windrush Park – Glen Abbey (east of Third Line) – outdoor lighting until 11 p.m.

The rinks are currently closed but we will provide updates as to when they will be opening. 

For more information, visit the Town of Oakville website


There is only one main outdoor skating rink in Burlington, the Burlington Rotary Centennial Pond.

This skating rink is currently open and is located at 1340 Lakeshore Rd.


Despite only have one main outdoor skating rink, the city of Burlington is encouraging residents to come together in order to maintain outdoor community ice rinks at their local park this winter.

For more information, visit the City of Burlington website.

Photo is courtesy of the City of Burlington. 


Sad news for Milton residents.

The town recently announced that there will not be any outdoor skating rinks this year.

According to the town, the two Milton outdoor ice rinks, located at Rotary Park and Campbellville (Old) Ball Park, will be closed this winter.

“The Milton outdoor ice rinks were natural ice and were solely dependent on weather conditions,” a town news release reads.

“Temperatures of minus 10 or colder, for a minimum of five consecutive days, are required to allow for adequate ground frost to help maintain a base before applying water to the site surface. However, temperatures over the past several years have been too warm to keep the ice at the outdoor rinks in good skating condition. The outdoor ice rinks were only open about 15 days during the 2017 winter season.”

Residents who were hoping to skate in Milton this year are reminded about the town’s drop-in skating and drop-in hockey programs that are held indoors all year round at town recreation centres. For more information, visit

Halton Hills

There are three main outdoor ice skating rinks in Halton Hills. These ice skating rinks are located at Prospect Park, Georgetown Fairgrounds #2, and 3 Musketears Park Ice Pad.

None of these rinks are open yet, but will we will provide updates as to when they will be opening.

For more information, visit the Halton Hills website

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