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OPP Clears Up Misconceptions About Gender Identification



OPP Clears Up Misconceptions About Gender Identification

The OPP is clearing the air in terms of their practices concerning gender identity.

While the OPP is looking to evolve with the times in terms of identifying gender in their news releases, it seems there’s been some confusion in media reports as to what their protocols are.

Sgt. Carolle Dionne of the OPP clarified that the practice of not identifying the gender of charged suspects has been in practice since May 2019.

“The review [of these practices] has been ongoing for about six months,” she said. “We were surprised by the attention it’s getting now.”

Media has reported that the OPP will no longer be identifying the gender of suspects or victims in their new releases.

This is not the case, Sgt. Dionne confirmed.

“[There are] provisions where we still need to identify gender,” she said. “Especially where there’s a concern for public safety.”

She said that if a person goes missing their gender is a key element in identifying them. Also, when police are searching for a suspect identifying their gender is important in apprehension.

“[When they are] a person of interest their gender is used,” she said. “Once they’re apprehended, they become the individual. It’s no longer a matter of public safety.”

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