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Ontario school cellphone ban starting this week



Ontario school cellphone ban starting this week

Starting this week, something very prominent in today’s world will be absent from classrooms across Ontario: cellphones.

A cellphone ban restricting the usage of cellphones and personal mobile devices in school will be going into effect on Monday, November 4.

The ban was announced earlier in the year by Ontario’s Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce.

“When in class, students should be focused on their studies, not their social media,” Lecce said. “That’s why we are restricting cell phones and other personal mobile devices in the classroom, while making sure technology is available to help students achieve success in the digital economy and modern workforce.”

Exceptions to the ban will be made in situations where cellphones are required for health and medical purposes, to support special education needs, or for educational purposes. 

More information can be found here.

Do you agree that Ontario needs a cellphone ban in classrooms?

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