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Oakville officially opens newly reconstructed Lakeshore Road



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Oakville officially opens newly reconstructed Lakeshore Road

After two phases of reconstruction, the town has officially opened the newly transformed Lakeshore Road East in downtown Oakville.

The event was commemorated on Friday when Mayor Rob Burton, joined by Ward 3 Councillors Dave Gittings and Janet Haslett-Theall, cut a ribbon to celebrate the completion of the $20 million Lakeshore Road Reconstruction and Streetscape Project and open the road to vehicles, cyclists and shoppers.

“Town Council and the community decided to create a new, more attractive streetscape above ground to give a visible gain for the pain of the necessary construction,” said Mayor Rob Burton.

“The result is a more attractive downtown in every way and I hope it will allow us to recover and grow the success of downtown.”

The Lakeshore Road Reconstruction and Streetscape Project launched in 2019 and was completed over a two-year period, aiming to balance new technology with the area’s historic charm and create a flexible design in front of Towne Square for special events and festivals.

Features include enhanced tree-lined boulevards designed for vehicular, cyclist and pedestrian traffic, smart city technology including public Wi-Fi, traffic counters and electric vehicle charging stations, and a new street layout to provide shoppers with an increased number of parking spaces.

Downtown parking map

Lakeshore Road East’s underground also underwent a total overhaul, with new storm sewers, sanitary sewers and utility overhauls that include internet upgrades, new hydro lines, water pipes and other renewal work.

“Thank you to the residents, businesses and visitors who have worked through the construction process, participated in programming and whose patience and cooperation have assisted in bringing this project to an on-time, on budget, conclusion,” said Jill Stephen, Director of Engineering and Construction.

More information on Lakeshore Road’s reconstruction can be found at Oakville’s website.

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