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Oakville development wants to be plastic water bottle-free


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Oakville development wants to be plastic water bottle-free

Ivy Rouge, North Oakville’s newest development by Rosehaven Homes and Starlane Homes, is one of the first communities in Canada to offer a water bottle-free living experience, according to its parent company.

Ivy Rouge will have a BWT Woda-Pure water filtration system in every home. The built-in system replaces the need for plastic bottled water with zero-waste, reusable, refillable alternatives.

According to the government of Canada’s official website, “Canadians throw away over 3 million tonnes of plastic waste every year. Only 9% is recycled while the rest ends up in our landfills, waste-to-energy facilities or the environment.” 

The BWT Woda-Pure is an in-line, under-sink alternative to traditional faucet-mounted water filtration systems. The company claims that their system “rids tap water of sand and rust particles, unwanted organic compounds, chlorine and other undesirable substances of considerable odour or taste, all while retaining valuable minerals that benefit your health”.

Ivy Rouge is a collection of towns and singles located at Sixth Line and Burnhamthorpe Road.

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