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Oakville Condo Awarded Best Mid-Rise in Ontario



Oakville Condo Awarded Best Mid-Rise in Ontario

It’s no surprise that condos are selling out left, right and centre in the Greater Toronto Area, but this one is special.

The Randall Residences in Oakville, which are almost sold out, were recently awarded ‘best mid-rise condo’ in Ontario.

As pictured in our cover photo, The Randall Residences at Trafalgar Rd. and Randall St., the more major intersection being Trafalgar Rd. and Lakeshore Rd. E., might seem a little familiar.

Architect Richard Wengle and Interior Designer Ferris Rafauli were inspired by the same timeless Parisian architecture as premier residences now in development at No. 1 Palace Street in London, England, right across the street from Buckingham Palace.

No. 1 Palace Street

The Palace Hotel in England, at 1 Palace Street, London, England, was built as a tourist attraction in 1861, drawing tourists and amateur photographers to its design and history.

So, the new residence under construction at No. 1 Palace Street contains a section of the once renowned Palace Hotel.

But what does that have to do with The Randall in Oakville?

Well, not only do the boutique 36-suite Randall Residences look like 1 Palace Street with the same Parisian architecture, but The Randall is garnering international clientele.

“For several of our buyers this isn’t their only home,” said Rosehaven Homes marketing manager Heather Weeks.

“We offer premium luxury-living for those who require freedom and flexibility, and we’ve attracted people with those needs.”

The refined Beaux Arts style focusing on balance and symmetry grew popular in Paris in the 1800s when they redrew the city plans to include broad boulevards, arcades, and classically-inspired façades.

Beaux Arts architecture has inspired buildings in New York City, Madrid, London, and now, Oakville.

“We also have 10 suites remaining,” said Weeks. “Three of them are penthouses. And while our counterpart in London starts at over $21 million, The Randall starts at $2.2 million.”

Currently, The Randall is still under construction, and closings are scheduled for late spring and early summer 2018.

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