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Oakville-based MADD bringing message of anti-drunk driving to young people



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Oakville-based MADD bringing message of anti-drunk driving to young people

Oakville-based MADD Canada is delivering a message to young people about the dangers of drunk driving.

Teaming up with Aviva Canada, the MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) SmartWheels Program uses a 42-foot recreational vehicle that has been specially-outfitted with a large projection screen, individual tablets and virtual reality goggles to provide a fully interactive learning experience for students in Grades 4-6.

The program educates students about the risks of alcohol, drugs and driving – and provides them with safety strategies – long before they will need to make decisions about such things. It is currently being delivered to elementary schools throughout Ontario, including 23 presentations being directly sponsored by Aviva Canada.

“By engaging students at this young age, and gaining their attention with the unique and innovative features of SmartWheels, we are providing a memorable educational experience that helps prepare them to make safe choices,” said MADD Canada National President Jaymie-Lyne Hancock.

As part of the pandemic-related response this year, SmartWheels is available in the traditional in-person format or via a new online platform for remote delivery. For in-person presentations aboard SmartWheels, strict sanitization and safety protocols are followed after each use.

SmartWheels is delivered by a specially-trained MADD Canada representative who guides the presentation and helps students through the process. All participating schools are provided with a comprehensive Educators’ Guide to facilitate pre and post presentation discussion about the material presented and the risks of alcohol and drug use.

Schools interested in booking for the presentation for their students can contact MADD Canada at 1-800-665-6233, ext. 225 or [email protected].

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