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New Bagel Joint Opens in Oakville



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New Bagel Joint Opens in Oakville

You can now get freshly baked Montreal-style bagels in southeast Oakville!

We told you it was coming, and now we can officially encourage you to stuff your face with carbs.

OKO Bagels is in the plaza at the northwest corner of Cornwall Rd. and Chartwell Rd., where doors opened on Aug. 21.

The menu features fresh honey water-boiled cooked in a wood-fire oven (a GIF of Homer Simpson drooling is very necessary right about now).

You can dress them with flavoured jams and cream cheese.

Vegans in your life will be thrilled to know the whole-wheat bagels are just for them (and a gluten-variety is apparently being tested out).

The bagel joint’s “unmatched taste” comes via a hand-built masonry oven designed specifically for bagels.

Options range from sweet to savoury (which pleases us immensely!).

Photo courtesy of OKO Bagels

OKO Bagels

499 Cornwall Road, Oakville,  Ontario

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