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New All-Way Stop Installed at Milton Intersection



New All-Way Stop Installed at Milton Intersection

Some Milton residents may be happy to learn that a new all-way stop was recently installed in the town.

According to the town’s Facebook page, the all-way stop was installed at the intersection of Sauve Street and Menefy Place in Ward 3.

Residents in Ward 3, according to Mike Cluett, Halton Regional Councillor and Milton Ward 3 Councillor, were asking about a stop sign at this intersection during the last municipal campaign.

Cluett notes that the stop sign at this location was recently approved, and, as mentioned, has already been installed.

Residents and visitors have been advised to proceed with caution and to obey the new stop signs.

All-way stops, according to the town’s website, have one main purpose – to control vehicle right-of-way at an intersection.

“They are not, as some might think, speed control devices,” reads the town’s website. “In fact, studies have shown that the installation of unwarranted all-way stops can lead to poor driver compliance, as drivers become accustomed to not meeting opposing traffic at these locations.”

For more information, including information about how all-way stops are approved and installed in Milton, click here.

Are you happy to see this all-way stop installed?

Graphic is courtesy of the town of Milton’s Facebook page.

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