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Multi-Vehicle Crash Blocks All Lanes on 401 in Milton



Multi-Vehicle Crash Blocks All Lanes on 401 in Milton

A multi-vehicle collision has resulted in all lanes being blocked in the 401 in Milton.

Sgt Kerry Schmidt took to Twitter to report that the collision happened on the 401 near Kelso near Highway 25 in the Town of Milton.

There have been reports that 10 vehicles were involved, however, there have also been reports that 40 vehicles were involved. Nothing has been confirmed at this time.

We will provide updates as they become available.

Schmidt is urging people to stay home if possible.

UPDATE: It has been reported that more than 20 vehicles were invovled in this collision. Schmidt took to Twitter again to warn drivers who are heading west on the 401 to get off before they hit Highway 25.

Tow trucks are on scene and emergency responders are coming in.

Major delays are expected.

There are currently no reports of serious injuries. 

UPDATE: Traffic is starting to move and tow trucks are removing vehicles that needed to be removed. Heavy tows have cleaned up transport trucks that were jackknifed.


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