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Milton Residents Should be Aware of This Parking Scam



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Milton Residents Should be Aware of This Parking Scam

The Town of Milton is urging its residents to be aware of a parking scam that has been circulating.

The town recently took to Twitter to report that they have been notified about residents receiving fraudulent parking violation notices by email.

“City of Milton records indicate that a parking citation issued to the vehicle described below has not been paid,” reads the email as seen below. “This fines and applicable penalties area past due and must be paid within the next 15 calendar days.”

The town explained via Twitter that Milton does not issue parking violations by email. 

If you have any concerns regarding this scam, parking enforcement staff can be reached at 905-878-7252 x2530.

According to the town’s website, a few places where on-street parking is not permitted include on streets during snowstorms, in any area where a ‘No Parking Anytime’ sign is displayed, on a grass boulevard, within one metre of a driveway, on or overhanging a sidewalk, and in spaces designated for persons with disabilities without displaying a valid disabled person’s permit.

For more information about parking, and parking tickets, visit the Town of Milton website.

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