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Milton residents can track snow plows from their phones


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Milton residents can track snow plows from their phones

The Town of Milton has launched Plow Tracks, allowing residents to follow snow removal activities and track the progress of snowplows.

The feature is available through the myMILTON mobile app and at

According to the official media release, “Plow Tracks uses GPS technology to show the progress of plows as they clear roads during winter events. When a plow passes over a road, the colour on the map turns green, indicating that a plow is operating in the area. As the maintenances continues, roads throughout Milton will change colour until all primary roads are serviced”.

“The Plow Tracks feature is a great way for Milton residents to stay up-to-speed on plowing operations directly from their mobile devices or computers,” said Paul Cripps, Commissioner, Engineering Services at the Town of Milton. “As Milton grows, we are always looking for new innovative solutions to improve service levels and deliver better information to residents.”

Through the Plow Tracks service, the Town of Milton says it hopes to educate the public about what happens during snow events and how operations crews prioritize road and sidewalk maintenance.

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