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Milton Man Charged With Harassment


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Milton Man Charged With Harassment

Some call it persistent but the cops call it criminal harassment — a Milton man is facing charges in a case involving cell phones and text messages.

Some call it persistent but the cops call it criminal harassment — a Milton man is facing charges in a case involving cell phones and text messages.

“I would like to commend the victim in this occurrence for remaining vigilant and quickly reporting these incidents,” said Halton police Det.-Sgt. Dave Costantini.

Police began investigating the harassment of a 34-year-old Milton woman on June 6. 

The woman reported that she had been receiving several text messages from an unknown male and unknown phone number. 

She told police she had initially ignored the text messages but they increased in frequency and content.

As the woman continued to receive this unwanted communication she repeatedly asked who was sending the messages and told the person to stop.

The sender would only identify himself as ‘Sam.’ 

Each time the male texted the woman on a new date it was with a different cell number. 

As the correspondence escalated, the woman began to feel concerned as the content of some of the text messages became more and more personal.

The text messages also graduated to phone calls.

The victim received more than 250 calls and text messages from Sam, despite attempts to cut off communication and she was in a Milton store when she believed she came face to face with ‘Sam’ on June 8.

When the woman confronted the male about her suspicions he fled.

Shortly after leaving the store the woman spoke with the unknown male on the phone and attempted to confirm if in fact he was ‘Sam.’ 

The male confirmed they’d just met and told her he fled because he was extremely nervous.

The victim believed she’d spotted the suspect again and quickly called police.

The woman noticed the same man from the store on June 14 at 7:50 p.m.

He was sitting in a car with a small child in the parking lot of the woman’s home.

Police responded and confirmed he indeed was ‘Sam. 

The child was taken to a family member and the man was arrested without incident and transported to 12 Division. 

Sadhu Singh, 33, is facing criminal harassment and harassing communications charges. 

He was released on a promise to appear and an undertaking. 

Singh is set to appear in Milton court on July 30.

Halton police are offering up some safety tips for anyone who’s experiencing unwanted stalking or criminal harassment behaviour:

  • Report it to police.
  • Relay one clear message that the contact/correspondence is unwanted.
  • Keep a log and a record of all communications and occurrences.
  • Protect your privacy, consider putting a hold on social media accounts, changing passwords, etc.
  • Speak to other people about the incidents.
  • Report any further acts of harassment to police.

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