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Justin Trudeau Pledges to Ban Assault Weapons



Justin Trudeau Pledges to Ban Assault Weapons

As the election race tightens, Justin Trudeau announced Friday (Sept. 20) that if he gets re-elected, he intends to make guns harder to obtain through legal means.

Trudeau has vowed to completely prohibit the sale of assault rifles, as well as increase legislation regarding obtaining handguns in an effort to prevent legal firearms ending up in criminals’ hands, as well as curb the growing number of shootings that are happening in Canada — particularly in the GTA.

According to statistics published by Global News, over the last five years, gun violence has been on the rise in Toronto. In 2018, there were 238 shootings in Toronto and 324 victims—30 of whom were killed. Mississauga has seen a sharp increase in gun violence in the last few weeks as well.

In Hamilton, according to police, there have been 34 incidents of gun violence so far this year.

In his statement, Trudeau was critical of assault weapons being used in many of these shootings — including the recent mass shooting that took place on September 14, in Mississauga.

“Too many people have lost loved ones to gun violence. And too often, the culprit is military-style weapons designed to inflict mass human casualties—guns that have no place in Canada,” he said.

Trudeau has pledged to strengthen safe-storage laws, and he said the Liberal government will not bring back long-gun registry.

The statement was also critical of Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, claiming: “[His] policy on guns has been written by the powerful gun lobby, and he has an agenda that would make it easier for criminals to get their hands on assault rifles.”

According to Trudeau: “A Liberal government will ban assault weapons in Canada.”

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