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Is Premier Ford again getting ready to endorse further COVID sanctions on Halton?



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Is Premier Ford again getting ready to endorse further COVID sanctions on Halton?

Reports out of Queen’s Park indicate Premier Doug Ford is again considering more restrictions for Halton Region because of COVID-19.

While Halton is currently in the Protect “Yellow” category, increasing cases in Oakville and the high numbers in neighbouring Peel Region could prompt the move to the Restrict “Orange” category or even the Control “Red” level of measures. However, under the current benchmark scenario, Halton Public Health is supposed to have more of a say into whether the status of any part of the region will change.

The Yellow designation means enhanced targeted enforcement, fines and enhanced education to limit further transmission. Orange means further restrictions beyond Yellow and those in the Red category face broad-scale restrictions and potential closure of businesses and stay at home orders. Peel Region is in the Red category.

According to reports, Provincial health officials believe that Halton is being adversely affected due to Mississauga and Brampton residents heading across the imaginary municipal border to use gyms and attend restaurants in Oakville, a situation that has occurred since the second wave of the coronavirus began.

Specifically, northeast Oakville in the Dundas St., Winston Churchill Blvd. is a trouble spot because it is technically in Halton Region but socially aligned with Mississauga due to its location.

Last month Premier Ford seemed poised to submit Halton to further lockdown measures, but backed off after a campaign by local politicians convinced provincial health officials that the situation here is not as dire as other Ontario regions when it comes to cases of COVID-19.

Halton Region is averaging just under 50 new cases each day based on numbers accumulated since Monday.

The Premier will hold a press briefing today at 2:30 p.m.

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