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Is Halton Hills Prepared for Emergencies?



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Is Halton Hills Prepared for Emergencies?

Emergencies can happen at any given time so it’s important to always be prepared.

The Halton Region and the Town of Halton Hills are taking steps in emergency preparedness. 

Halton Region and Halton Hills, according to a recent press release, recently partnered with first responders and community organizations to stage an emergency exercise. 

The Region-led exercise consisted of a fictional severe wind event that caused extensive property damage and service disruptions in North Halton. 

This exercise was an important procedural test to assess the response and utilize the Gellert Community Centre – a designated emergency evacuation centre. 

“Emergencies don’t adhere to geographical boundaries”, Halton Hills Mayor Rick Bonnette said in a recent press release. 

“I’m pleased we could participate in this exercise to coordinate responses and address potential service impacts.”

The exercise included members from the Halton Hills Fire Department and senior staff along with other participants from the Halton Region, the Canadian Red Cross, St. John’s Ambulance, Halton Regional Police Service, the Halton Region Paramedic Services. HMC Connections, and the Salvation Army. 

The Halton Region updated its Emergency Program and Plan in June 2018. This updated plan incorporates lessons from previous exercises and new technologies (such as the Alert Ready Emergency Alert System). 

In 2018 alone, the region participated in six smaller exercises in order to ensure it is ready to respond correctly if an emergency arises.

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