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Is Doug Ford’s ‘Buck-a-Beer’ Coming to an End?


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Is Doug Ford’s ‘Buck-a-Beer’ Coming to an End?

The idea of cheaper beer coming to Ontario has been up in the air roughly since May of 2018.

Doug Ford initially announced that he would find a way to make beer cheaper if he was elected as premier on June 7, 2018. This soon became known as the Buck-a-Beer initiative.

Now, ever since his election the conversation surrounding inexpensive beer has seemed to be non-stop. Ford announced back in August of 2018 that Buck-a-Beer would come into effect on Aug. 27, 2018. This is an initiative that would see the government-set minimum price of beer drop from $1.25 to $1.00 for any beer under 5.6 per cent in alcohol volume.

However, not everyone was excited about this.

Many breweries throughout the province chose not to participate in the voluntary initiative.

And now, another brewery has been added to the list, Cool Beer Brewing Co. – an Etobicoke-based company.

The company recently took to their Instagram to announce that they will only be offering buck-a-beer on long weekends. According the press release, which can be seen below, when their beer is not being sold for just $1 a bottle it will be sold for $1. 25.

What’s your take on Buck-a-Beer?

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