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Is Burlington a Good Place to Retire?



Is Burlington a Good Place to Retire?

Although some may be closer to it than others it’s never a bad idea to think about or start planning for retirement because let’s face it, there’s a lot to think about. Should you open a separate bank account, how much money should you be putting away, and, of course, where would be a good place to settle down?

Well, according to a recent blog post on Burlington Mayor Marianne Meed Ward’s website, Burlington is a good place to retire. Meed Ward notes that the city was recently recognized, in a recent Good Times Magazine article, as one of the top places to retire in Canada.

“As pleasing as Burlington is to the eye, the city offers lots of opportunities for retirees to learn and grow,” reads the article.

A number of facilities and programs that Burlington offers were identified as factors that make the city ideal for retirement. Courses and workshops (such as guitar, choir, and tai chi), seven PROBUS clubs (a worldwide movement that brings retired and semi-retired professionals and business people together), gyms, rinks, and pools were just a few of the facilities and programs that were outlined in the article.

In addition, Burlington was also highlighted for having neighbourhoods that are easy to navigate on foot and for being close to amenities.

“We’ve always known Burlington to be a great city to not only retire in, but for all ages and new and established families — our sense of community is strong, and our mix of amenities and rural and urban, and not to mention our beautiful views of Lake Ontario, certainly make us distinctive,” Meed Ward said in the blog post. “But it’s always nice for others outside our borders to recognize just how special our city is and recommend it to others.”

However, some cons to the city were pointed out.

The article noted that housing in Burlington isn’t cheap, and that the high-rise condos being built and proposed in the city’s downtown area are raising some concerns.

Other areas in Canada that were recognized as top places to retire include Nelson, BC, Peterborough, ON, and Saskatoon.

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