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Huge Changes Coming to Oakville’s Animal Bylaws



Huge Changes Coming to Oakville’s Animal Bylaws

Oakville is looking at stronger laws regarding animal control.

After an in-depth look at both reviews and the public’s opinion, the animal control bylaw will be updated and kicks in on June 4.

“Updating this bylaw ensures our community continues to be safe and enjoyable for all residents, animals and visitors,” said Mayor Rob Burton.

The animal control bylaw regulates the keeping of pets within the Oakville.

It sets regulations for pets at large, leash requirements, and standards of care. It also determines what animals are allowed in a resident’s home and limits the number of pets per household.

A few new additions to the bylaw include a new standards of care section, leash requirements, number of pets per household and a penalty system.

The standards of care section will allow Oakville & Milton Humane Society (OMHS) officers to address issues such as dogs left in cars, unsanitary living conditions, and adequate shelter and protection from the elements.

Leash laws will require dogs to be on a form of leash and in control of a person when off the owner’s property.

As for the amount of pets per household, the by-law permits a combined dog and cat limit of six animals, with a max of three dogs. This is changing from the current maximum of three dogs and six cats per household in Oakville.

The bylaw also gives a list of animals which are not allowed as pets within the town, including goats, chickens and pigs.

The Administrative Penalty System (APS) will handle violations of the animal control bylaw similar to how a parking ticket would be handled.

This will allow staff to address minor violations with an administrative penalty fee, which will reduce reliance on the courts, and resolve offences faster.

Click here to learn more about the new by-law.

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