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Here’s Why Some Canadians Hate Winter



Here’s Why Some Canadians Hate Winter

If you’re one of those people who love winter you have probably have been in your glory with how much snow the Halton Region has gotten this season. But no matter how much you love it, there’s no denying that winter tends to drag on sometimes.

And quite frankly some Canadians are fed up with winter. And a recent survey conducted by highlighted some of the reasons some Canadians hate the colder season.

According to the survey, some of the main reasons people aren’t so fond of winter include the freezing temperatures, shovelling the snow, dry lips, the ice, slippery sidewalks, shorter days, and the fact that the sun is ‘pretty much non-existent’.

However, unless you’re planning to hop on a flight to a sunny destination, it may be hard to escape these aspects of winter. There’s a popular saying that goes ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’, and when it comes to winter, these may just be what Canadians have to do – find some way to ‘join’ winter and enjoy it. One way to do this is by participating in winter activities, such as tobogganing, skiing, ice skating, etc. And the survey showed that most Canadians are willing to partake in winter activities. 

According to the survey, 17.59 per cent of Canadians claim to love outside winter sports and activities, 27.91 per cent will go along with it for friends and family, 22.49 per cent could take it or leave it, and 7.36 claim that they will try and avoid an invitation. 

However, if you’re part of the percentage that really doesn’t like to partake in said activities you may consider booking that sunny getaway. According to the survey, 14.38 per cent of Canadians book a sunny vacation pretty much every year, 10.22 tend to leave their vacation planning to the last minute and will maybe book something, and 25.60 per cent have occasionally gone away on vacation.

The survey also showed that 53.16 per cent of Canadians catch themselves thinking about a prior trip or what it might be like to be away. As a result, 37.93 per cent of Canadians have found themselves on travel sites browsing warm getaways on a snow day.

These findings did not come as a shock to

“The survey results are consistent with what we see”, Richard Vanderlubbe, President, said in a press release.  “We see spikes in our web traffic when large markets like the GTA are snowed in.  

Are you going away this winter? If so, get excited because you may become part of the 37.63 per cent of Canadians who feel rejuvenated after returning from a trip.

If you’re not going away this winter, stay warm, Halton.

Read the full report here.

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