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Here’s Why Recent Changes Came to This Oakville Road



Here’s Why Recent Changes Came to This Oakville Road

Significant changes have recently come to a certain Oakville road. 

The Town of Oakville recently put in 13 speed cushions on Pinegrove Road, leaving some residents, according to this Reddit post, frustrated. reached out to the Town of Oakville to find out why these speed cushions were put in.

The following information was provided to by Jill MacInnes, the Communications Advisor for the Town of Oakville, via email. 

Dragana Crkvenjas, Traffic Technologist in Oakville’s Engineering and Construction department states:

“Speed cushions were implemented on Pinegrove Road following numerous residential complaints about speeding on the street. We have to recognize that Pinegrove Road is a long stretch (1.3 km). The optimal spacing between speed cushions is between 80-120 metres. If there are less cushions placed further apart, we run the risk of motorists speeding between the cushions to make up for the lost time.”

Before the speed cushions were put in the follow steps were taken.

In 2016, following concerns from residents, a speed survey was conducted on Pinegrove.  This survey provided information regarding operating speeds on the street. Operating speeds were found to be 59 km/h in the westbound direction and 62 km/h in the eastbound. After this was discovered, it was determined that traffic calming was needed. 

In May of 2017, a traffic calming survey was distributed to residents of Pinegrove Road asking them if they supported physical traffic calming on their street. Majority of residents supported the idea of physical traffic calming.

In November of 2017, an invitation to a public information meeting was sent to residents. At this meeting, two traffic calming designs were presented: speed cushions and chicanes. Speed cushions were found to be the preferred option. 

Residents were notified of the decision to proceed with the speed cushion design.

In October of 2018, a notice was sent to residents about the construction of speed cushions.

What do you think about these traffic calming efforts?

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