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Here’s What’s Happening with Parking in Halton Hills



Here’s What’s Happening with Parking in Halton Hills

Some Halton Hills residents who have been frustrated with parking may be happy to learn that the town has come up with a solution.

At least a short term one.

This solution was made after Mayor Rick Bonnette called a special council meeting on Jan. 14.

The meeting was regarding concerns of people parking on boulevards. 

Municipal enforcement staff, in accordance to the Uniform Traffic Control by-law, responded to residents who had been complaining.

Cars that had been illegally parked on boulevards were ticketed. 

The by-law, according to a recent press release from the town, was created mainly to support pedestrian and vehicular safety by ensuring that sightlines were not obstructed and safe passages whether driving, cycling, or walking were also not congested.

“I had hundreds of people share my social media post on this issue, which speaks to how engaged this community is,” Mayor Bonnette said in the press release. 

“Council heard from residents and took a reasonable approach to address concerns and provide short-term relief while not compromising the safety of our residents. I expect a fulsome report to come forward next month.”

The motion, according to the press release, that was passed by town council is as follows.

That enforcement staff be directed to permit boulevard parking where the vehicle is:

• Parked and fully encompassed on the paved portion of the boulevard with all tires fully on the hard surface
• Fully parked on the hard surface between the sidewalk and curb/road edge 
• Facing the direction of traffic if parked parallel to the road
• Parked within the boundaries of the home’s projected property line.

That enforcement staff continue to administer boulevard parking infractions where:

• Vehicles are parked on the landscaped portion of the boulevard or access the paved portion of the boulevard by driving over the landscaped portions of the boulevard
• Any portion of the vehicle is hanging over the sidewalk or curb/road edge
• Vehicles interfere with snow plowing efforts
• Vehicles are parked less than 30 metres from an intersection.

That boulevard parking be permitted for single family, semi-attached homes and townhomes where driveways are facing a town street.

This motion will be in effect until staff bring forward a report to council with an informed recommendation, and any proposed modifications to the current Uniform Traffic Control By-law, based on the safety and well-being of residents.

Staff will bring a comprehensive report to council on Feb. 11.

What do you think of this solution?

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