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Here’s What’s Happening With Lakeshore Road in Oakville



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Here’s What’s Happening With Lakeshore Road in Oakville

A project office will act as ‘information central’ for the reconstruction of Lakeshore Rd. in Oakville.

It’s part of the Downtown Mitigation Strategy, aiming to revitalize the area.

Mayor Rob Burton and members of council formally opened the Downtown Project Office on July 26.

Retailers, landlords, residents and visitors will be encouraged to visit this location to learn what’s happening.

The Project Office reflects the Town’s recognition of the importance of a cohesive approach to the many projects underway downtown and will encourage open dialogue within the community.

The Downtown Plan launched in December 2013 and the plan is comprised of two studies.

Extensive public consultation was undertaken on the Downtown Transportation Study and the Downtown Cultural Hub over a three year period. The plan looks to: revitalize the historic downtown; replace Lakeshore Road; plan for the future of downtown cultural buildings.

Town Council approved the final streetscape plan for the Lakeshore Road Reconstruction and Streetscape Project – Navy Street to Allan Street last April. Council also received information about the mitigation initiatives that are planned at the present time, wayfinding initiatives planned for downtown during and after construction and an update on the Downtown Cultural Hub projects.

The Lakeshore Road Bridge opened on Nov. 1, 2017.

Here’s what else was completed last year: two-way conversion of Navy St.; streetscape furnishing selection finalized; pedestrian crossover at Navy and Church installed; Mitigation Strategy Framework Parking; HONK parking app; overnight holiday parking Official Plan Review; Growth Area Official Plan Amendments Other Studies and Initiatives; Former Hospital Site Master Plan approved by council; demolition of former hospital commenced.

What do you think of the plans for downtown Oakville?

Cover photo courtesy of the Town of Oakville

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