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Here’s What to do to in the Event of a Power Outage in Halton



Here’s What to do to in the Event of a Power Outage in Halton

This winter has been particularly bad in terms of weather – the Halton Region has seen brutal temperatures, snow, wind, rain, freezing rain, you name it! These sometimes severe conditions can, and have led to power outages – some that have lasted longer than others.

Although it can be hard to fully prepare, (as they are often unexpected) the Town of Oakville has recently laid out some steps residents in Oakville (and the Halton Region in general) should take in the event of a power outage. 

There are even a few steps you can take before a power outage occurs, these steps are as follows. Residents of Halton are encouraged to create an emergency plan so each family member knows what to do in the event of an outage, creating an emergency kit with basic necessities is also helpful.

The town also encourages people to stay informed about weather conditions that could cause an outage.

When an outage occurs residents should continue to keep themselves informed by listening to a battery-powered or crank radio (or staying up to date by following hydro companies on social media), turn the thermostats down to a minimum and turn off all electronic equipment and appliances, never use camping heating supplies, home generators, or charcoal or gas barbecues indoors, use flashlights, glow sticks or battery-operated lanterns instead of candles when possible, and, if using candles, keep them away from children (and use proper holders, and never leave them unattended).

A few other noteworthy tips include shutting off the main water supply and draining pipes in order to prevent them from freezing, and collecting drinking water in containers in extreme situations.

The town has also outlined some steps to take after an outage occurs, these steps are as follows. Residents should not try to thaw frozen pipes by themselves – contact a professional! When turning the water supply back on, residents should first close the lowest valves/taps to allow the air to escape from upper taps, residents should also make sure that their hot water heater is filled before turning its power back on.

In addition, residents should reset clocks, alarms, and automatic timers, along with checking their food supply for any signs or spoilage.

Stay safe, Halton.

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