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Here’s What Kind of Jobs Canadians Looked for in 2018



Here’s What Kind of Jobs Canadians Looked for in 2018

Let’s face it: it’s a volatile job market and nobody is always going to be perfectly content with what they do for a living…or if their job happens to become obsolete, a backup plan is needed.

The economy is experiencing so much change these past few years, it’s no wonder that sentiment is reflected in what Canadians are looking up for their next job.

According to the job search website Indeed, they’ve identified which jobs dramatically increased their share of search traffic in 2018, and which fell out of favour. “As in years past, we find that each country has its own unique flavour,” Indeed said in their recent blog post.

Here’s what kind of jobs Canadians were searching for the most in 2018:“Canada saw an increase in searches for full-time employment. Additionally, searches related to blockchain and cryptocurrency were also widespread, rising in popularity in Australia, India and Canada,” the blog said.

Looking at it from a more localized level, the Toronto area saw the highest searches for:Aurora Cannabis (one of Canada’s largest licensed producers of cannabis) saw a lot of attention due to the growing demand of legalized cannabis products as an emerging market.

In other sectors, Amazon was also a fast-growing term in 2018 in Western Canada, as Amazon is looking to hire hundreds of seasonal workers at its customer fulfillment centre in Balzac, Alberta. Vancouver saw a rise in searches for bubble tea, which is likely due to the growing popularity of the Taiwanese drink in the city.

As for the rest of the world, the top job searches depends on the individual country and their unique circumstances

What kind of jobs have you been looking for this year?

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