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Here’s How This Oakville Student is Helping Others Around the World



Here’s How This Oakville Student is Helping Others Around the World

Yasmine Madan, a Grade 10 student at Oakville Trafalgar High School, is part of many teams – the debate team, student council, DECA, and track and field – just to name a few.

Now, Madan is working to help other students become part of a team as well. 

Just last year, the motivated student initiated a charity drive at E.J. James Public School in Oakville where she collects old soccer uniforms and running shoes to donate to underprivileged students in Chettipalayam, India. 

Madan started the charity drive after being inspired by the students at Global Pathways School in Chettipalayam. One of Madan’s family members, who volunteers his medical services in the area, told her about the students.

“I remember asking him one thing, ‘What do the students need?’” Madan said in an email.

Madan said her family member responded by saying ‘anything and everything’ – that is when she decided she needed to take action. Madan was also inspired to start the charity drive, which is called ‘Part of a Team’, after hearing about how the students ran 5km in their flip-flops because they could not afford shoes. 

Now, Part of a Team will work to donate athletic gear to these students every year.

Overall, the Oakville community has responded positively to the charity drive.

“The community has been so supportive in donating their old soccer uniforms,” Madan said. “I [have] received many donations through the Oakville Soccer Club.”

According to Madan, the donation bin at E.J. James Public School was overflowing with donations in just three days. Part of a Team, Madan noted, has collected more than 500 pieces of athletic gear and 70 pairs of running shoes. 

Madan continued to explain, “Part of a Team understands that kids in Oakville are relatively fortunate, so helping underprivileged kids on the other side of the world is important.”

Besides provided students with athletic gear, the main goal of Part of Team is to put a smile on the faces of underprivileged kids and unlock the athletic potential of kids around the world. 

“In the future, I see us [Part of a Team] as a worldwide charity that donates athletic gear of different sports all over the world to give other kids the same opportunities that we are all blessed with here in Oakville,” Madan said.

Photo was taken by Sunbeam Viswanathan and is courtesy of Madan.

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