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Here’s How Much Oakville Transit Fares are Increasing by



Here’s How Much Oakville Transit Fares are Increasing by

If you regularly use the Oakville Transit system, there are some upcoming changes you’ll want to be aware of.

Transit fares are increasing.

“Oakville Transit will be increasing its fares by approximately 4 per cent starting March 1 and PRESTO fares will only increase by an average of 3.2 per cent,” Barry Cole, Director of Oakville Transit, said in a statement.

“These increases are consistent with the 4 per cent increase in Oakville Transit’s overall operating budget and will ensure that the funding of transit continues to be shared equitably between the rider and the taxpayer.”

Although some riders may not like these increases, the good news is that the fares are not increasing by much.

Currently, it costs adults, youth, and seniors $3.75 per ride when paying in cash. After the fares increase, it will cost $4.

For any rider, regardless of age, according to the Oakville Transit website, it currently costs $0.75 to use the Oakville Transit system when travelling to and from the GO train or bus. After the increases come into effect, it will cost all riders $0.80.

An adult PRESTO monthly pass will be increasing to $129 from $125 per month. A senior PRESTO monthly pass will be increasing to $61.80 from $60, and the PRESTO monthly pass for youths will be increasing from $80 per month to $82.40. However, there will be no change to the Youth Freedom pass which will stay at $20 per month.

Other costs that will be impacted by these increases include the single ride PRESTO fares. An adult ride is increasing to $3.10 from $3. Senior single ride PRESTO fares are increasing to $1.96 from $1. 90. And it will cost youth $2.38 as opposed to $2.30. 

The Oakville Transit website notes that all increases will apply to sales of special purpose tickets and special purpose passes.

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