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Here’s How Much Money Milton is Getting From the Federal Government



Here’s How Much Money Milton is Getting From the Federal Government

In two previous inhalton articles, it was noted just how much money Burlington and Oakville will receive from the federal government for infrastructure projects. The City of Burlington will receive an extra $5.6 million and the Town of Oakville will receive an extra $5.9 million.

Now, in a recent post on his website, Milton regional councillor Mike Cluett has revealed how much the Town of Milton will be receiving. 

The town will receive approximately $2.7 million.

There is currently no word on what exactly this money will go towards, however, in the post Cluett noted that in the past, funds have gone towards infrastructure projects (such as transit and road projects) that were ready to go.

The federal government announced that it would be topping up funding to support local infrastructure projects in Budget 2019 – the federal Liberal government’s final budget before the fall election this year.

The budget proposed a one-time transfer of $2.2 billion through the federal Gas Tax Fund – a fund that supports around 4,000 projects in 3,600 communities each year. 

This one-time transfer was proposed due to many municipalities across the country facing serious infrastructure deficits. The money, as noted in the budget document, will be used to address short-term priorities in municipalities and First Nation communities across the country.

In total, the Halton Region will receive $16 million. 

What do you think this money should be used for in Milton?

Photo is courtesy of the Town of Milton’s Facebook page.

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