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Here’s How Much Money Burlington is Getting From the Federal Government



Here’s How Much Money Burlington is Getting From the Federal Government

As noted in previous inhalton articles, the federal Liberal government recently released its final budget before the fall election later this year. Included in this budget (Budget 2019), is the federal Liberal government’s plan to help students, and first-time homebuyers. Also included in this budget, is the government’s plan to top-up funding to support local infrastructure projects. 

Budget 2019 proposed a one-time transfer of $2.2 billion through the federal Gas Tax Fund – a fund that supports around 4,000 projects in 3,600 communities each year. 

This one-time transfer was proposed due to many municipalities across the country facing serious infrastructure deficits. The money, as noted in the budget document, will be used to address short-term priorities in municipalities and First Nation communities across the country.

This one-time transfer is something that the City of Burlington will benefit from.

The city will receive an extra $5.6 million for infrastructure projects. This money, according to a recent press release from the city, can be used in Federal eligible categories such as productivity and economic growth through areas including roads, bridges or public transit, clean environment initiatives.

The city has not yet decided exactly how this money will be used; however, it was noted that infrastructure in Burlington does need to be upgraded.

“This is simply great news for our city,” Mayor Marianne Meed Ward said in the release. 

“This funding can be spent on our infrastructure, which we know from our Capital Budget talks needs upgrading — on our roads, transit, brownfield redevelopment, sports, tourism and disaster mitigation, to name a few. Our city staff will begin working on a report to lay out the best uses for these funds for Council’s consideration.”

City staff will bring a report to the Monday, April 1 Committee of the Whole meeting with recommended projects regarding how this money can be used. 

What do you think this money should be used for?

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