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Here’s How Milton Has Reduced Travel Times and Improved Traffic



Here’s How Milton Has Reduced Travel Times and Improved Traffic

For the past couple of years, the Town of Milton has been actively working to improve traffic. And as of recently, it looks like the town is achieving that goal.

Back in 2017, the town introduced a new system in the hopes to improve traffic flow and congestion in high-volume areas. This system, known as the Miovision TrafficLink System, uses intersection cameras and analytics to analyze traffic volume, speed, pedestrian movement, etc. 

This enables staff to monitor the operation of traffic control signals and make adjustments promptly in order for drivers to get to their destinations quicker. 

After a successful pilot project, the same system was installed to ease traffic along Thompson Road South, between Main Street East and Derry Road – the system was installed in this area back in the spring of 2018. 

Since then, morning peak travel times in the town have decreased by 41 seconds (17 per cent), and evening peak travel times have decreased by 120 seconds (33 per cent).

However, Milton Mayor Gord Krantz noted in a press release that the town is not just stopping there. 

“By implementing this innovative technology, we are able to respond to high volumes of traffic and get people moving,” Krantz said. “Our residents will continue to see improvements as more intersections become equipped with the systems.”

The Miovision TrafficLink system currently operates at 13 intersections in Milton. However, it was noted in the release that later this year more intersections will be added along the Main Street corridor.

Do you think Milton is doing enough to improve traffic and reduce travel times?

Photo is courtesy of the Town of Milton’s Facebook page.

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