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Here’s How Many Jobs Burlington Added in 2018



Here’s How Many Jobs Burlington Added in 2018

It was a good year for employment in Burlington in 2018.

In fact, according to a recent press release, the Burlington Economic Development Corporation’s (BEDC) 2018 Annual Report, revealed that the city provides unique advantages to its businesses and residents.

The report highlights access to talent, land readiness, business growth, and entrepreneurship.

Last year, BEDC worked with over 200 businesses, helping with economic data, general business processes, obtaining permits, site selections, regulatory issues, development processes, and any other areas where assistance was needed.  

“Every business has different needs” Anita Cassidy, Acting Executive Director at BEDC, said in a statement

In 2018, the city welcomed over 250 new companies with one success storybeing ZippyJamz – an award-winning sleepwear company founded in Hamilton in 2016. 

ZippyJamz was accepted into the TechPlace LaunchPad program in April of 2018 and thrived, tripling their sales and increasing their international presence. ZippyJamz graduated the program early to take on a joint-commercial lease in Burlington, demonstrating the value of TechPlace to attract companies from outside the region.

In addition to welcoming over 250 new companies, 1,301 new jobs were also added to the city last year.

“The growth is accompanied by a low 4.8 per cent unemployment rate, 1.1 per cent lower than the Ontario average,” notes the release.

Burlington also has a large growth potential, with 383 industrial, commercial, and institutional permits and 981 residential permits. This translates to construction values of over $136 million and over $258 million respectively. 

These economic indicators highlight the positive trends BEDC hopes will continue in the upcoming year.

According to the release, Burlington is well-positioned to remain competitive in attracting business investment support through the Mayor’s Red Tape Red Carpet TaskForce initiative. 

“BEDC strives to go above and beyond on all of our projects as [the business’s] successes are also our own; we have even partnered on over 20 events in 2018 to contribute to business growth in Burlington,” said Cassidy.

It was announced back in January of this year that the initiative will help identify and eliminate the red tape and bureaucratic challenges Burlington businesses have faced in their pursuit of growth and investment in the city. 

“This initiative will bring forth key recommendations to make it faster and easier for businesses to invest, expand, and thrive in Burlington,” Burlington Mayor Marianne Meed Ward said in a statement. “The focus will be on recommendations that improve how we attractand encourage business, how we engage with businesses, and how we support businesses.” 

BEDC plans to work with Burlington to develop a 21st century GO Mobility Hub and Downtown Employment Vision. The creation of favorable employment environments in these areas will continue to position Burlington as a location of choice for the best in talent and new businesses.

Click here to read the full report.

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