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Here’s How Halton Hills is Preserving its Environment



Here’s How Halton Hills is Preserving its Environment

We live in an incredible world with beautiful wildlife, forestry, and natural wonders. However, it is not uncommon for developments, such as new condos or apartment buildings, to take over these, and other, impressive and necessary aspects of society.

Climate change also has a drastic impact on our environment.

As the world’s population continuously increases, it’s hard to avoid building new houses, grocery stores, and communities. However, there are some things that can be done in order to preserve the environment and reduce the effect of climate change. And the Town of Halton Hills is doing its part.

The town was recently granted $20K from the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation (a charitable grant-making organization that works to help strengthen local economies, keep farmers successful, and grow and protect natural features) in order to conserve its natural assets – such as forests, soil, etc. 

“This grant will allow us to inventory and map out our forests, wetlands and greenspace,” Mayor Rick Bonnette said in a press release. “Understanding our natural assets and the services they provide becomes increasingly important as we plan for growth and take a local response to anticipated impacts from climate change.”

The grant will support the Halton Hills’ work in asset management. This management work includes conducting an inventory and assessment of assets in order to develop strategies, plan for maintenance, renewals or replacements.

The town will be partnering with the Credit Valley Conservation Authority to carry out this work.

What do you think of this grant?

Cover photo is courtesy of the Town of Halton Hills’ Facebook page. 

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