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Here’s How Halton Hills is Preparing for Winter



Here’s How Halton Hills is Preparing for Winter

Long gone are the days of staying outside for periods of time and enjoying the sunny weather.

It’s fairly safe to say that now we are officially in the cold weather season.

With that being said, the Town of Halton Hills is preparing for the harsh winter weather.

According to a recent media release, municipal staff are preparing for snow with vehicle testing, new employee training, and ensuring adequate salt and sand supplies are ready in order to maintain the roads. 

Mayor Rick Bonnette commented that the town’s response to heavy snow will be carried out by first focusing on main arterial roads, then collector roads, and then residential and rural roads.

“I want to remind residents that we will clear roads as quickly as possible,” Mayor Bonnette said in a recent media release. 

“However, please be patient as it does take time for the plows to get to all of our local streets. We do recognize the importance of road maintenance in supporting drivers’ safety.” 

Chris Mills, Commissioner of Transportation and Public Works noted that Halton Hills follows a Winter Control Program to manage more than 1000 kilometers of roads, 157 km of sidewalks, and 27 municipal parking lots.

“There is a lot of work to do and staff operates in a sequential and planned manner,” Mills said in a recent media release. 

 “As the Mayor noted, winter control is performed in priority sequence: Regional roads such as Trafalgar Road are cleared first, then arterial roads such as Guelph Street then collector roads like Delrex followed by local urban and rural roads.”

Residents are asked to be aware of the following:

• Heavy snowfall or storms will extend winter control activities which will result in delays getting to the local roads.
• There is a town-wide parking prohibition on streets between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. starting Nov. 15 to April 15 for night-time snow clearing operations.
• Municipally-maintained sidewalk snow clearing starts within 12 hours at the end of a snow event, staff will work to complete within 48 hours.
• Residents are asked to assist with clearing snow from fire hydrants. 
• Snow should not be shoveled back onto roadways.
• Residents asked to ensure garbage and blue boxes are kept of roadways.

For more information, contact Public Works at 905-873-2601 ext. 2603 or visit the website.

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