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Here Are The Top 5 Items Bought by Canadians on Prime Day



Here Are The Top 5 Items Bought by Canadians on Prime Day

Last week Amazon had its annual Prime Day sale, and Canadians bought all kinds of items. So which products were the most popular?

Prime Day started on July 15 until July 16, giving Amazon Prime members a chance to purchase products much cheaper than usual. The company also had many bundles and deals available, so there was something for everyone.

According to Amazon, Canadians bought a record amount of items during the two-day sale, and some are crazier than you may think!

Here are 5 of the most popular items bought on Prime Day in Canada:

5) Alexa Products

It’s not surprising that many Canadians went ahead and bought many of Amazon’s smart-home assistant products as they were all roughly 20-50 per cent off. The most popular model seemed to be the Echo Dot, most likely due to both the prize and size convenience. Other popular models were the Echo Show 5, which has a built-in screen that allows you to stream videos and make calls. The Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Remote was another popular choice.

Image courtesy of Amazon

 4) PS4 Slim Combo

One of the biggest deals available during Prime Day was sold out almost as fast as it arrived. The bundle included a PS4 Slim with both Horizon Zero Dawn and Marvel’s Spiderman for $399, which was nearly $200 in savings. Many Prime users are said to be gamers, which may explain why the bundle was sold out so quickly.

3) LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

This was one of the more unexpected ones. This camping/emergency tool filters up to 1000 litres of water without chemicals and removes 99.9 per cent of waterborne parasites and bacteria. There’s no real reason given on why so many of these were sold, but it’s a useful tool especially for the price being around 50% off. Maybe Canadians just like camping or preparing for the worst.

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

2) 23andMe Health + Ancestry kits

More unique items that saw lots of sales were 23andME Health + Ancestry DNA kits. These tests look into someone’s ancestry, giving people a chance to track down their roots. It also offers over 90 DNA-based online reports on health predispositions, carrier status and more with just one test. The testing takes a few weeks to come back, so many Prime members are most likely waiting to get their results. The popularity of this kit may come from the current trends online, as many people are already taking the test and posting the results on social media.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

1) Reese’s Candy

Without a doubt, Prime Day proved that Canadians have a sweet tooth for peanut butter chocolates. Reese’s food items were the most popular item bought throughout the sale, so much so that some types currently have a waiting time of 1 – 2 months before being restocked! Many Prime members bought in bulk, most likely so they wouldn’t have to worry about snacks for a couple of months. Perhaps they were also preparing for Halloween ahead of time.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

What do you think about these products? Did you buy any this Prime Day?

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