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Here are Some Big Changes Coming to Halton Hills



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Here are Some Big Changes Coming to Halton Hills

Halton Hills is a growing community.

As of 2016, according to Statistics Canada, the overall population of Halton Hill is 61, 161. It was noted in a previous town memorandum that this number shows an increase of 2, 148, a growth rate of 3.6 per cent, from the town’s population in 2011. 

With that being said, the town is preparing for the future economic development of Halton Hills, according to a recent report

In the report, it was recommended that town council focuses on submitting applications to the provincial Rural Economic Development (RED) program in order to get support for the future development and tourism marketing efforts of Halton Hills.

It was also recommended that applications are submitted to the federal government’s Invest Canada-Community Initiatives (ICCI) program in order for the town’s investment plans to be supported.

In March of 2018, the Halton Hills Community and Corporate Affairs Committee received a State of Economy update that highlights the current state of the economy as well as major economic development plans. 

Since this update was received, significant progress has been made towards the town’s economic improvement.

This update focuses on culture, tourism, and economic developments. 

Key topics mentioned in the update include:

  • The 2017 Employment Survey 
  • Overview and Market Conditions
  • Industrial and Commercial Investment (including Premier Gateway, Georgetown Industrial Investment, and Georgetown Commercial Investment)
  • Community Improvement Plan (CIP)
  • Tourism and an Economic Driver (tourism attracts investment, creates jobs – as of 2016 there were 21, 175 jobs located in the town, 63 per cent of which were full-time – and supports growing communities)
  • Investments in Acton 
  • Communications
  • Sister-City Partnership

The town recognizes that Halton Hills’ economy is strong and is expected to strengthen with continued investment in different industrials areas such as the Premier Gateway, and the Acton and Georgetown areas. 

The report stated that:

“In partnership and collaboration with town departments and external stakeholders, Economic Development staff will continue to focus on initiatives aimed at achieving long-term and sustained economic prosperity for Halton Hills.”

The report continued to explain:

“This is being accomplished by delivering a fulsome work plan that is focused on business retention and expansion, unlocking strategic development opportunities, raising the town’s competitiveness in the global marketplace, implementing the CIP program, leveraging strategic tourism and cultural opportunities, and collaborating with the business community.”

Where do you see Halton Hills in the future?

Photos are courtesy of Halton Hills.

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