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Have You Tried the New Ramen Joint in Oakville?



Have You Tried the New Ramen Joint in Oakville?

Ramen in Oakville is now a thing, y’all.

When one beloved Japanese restaurant closes another cool, exciting new one opens.

And this change in culinary landscape can’t come soon enough (ask anyone who’s stood in line for more than an hour to eat at Kenzo’s).

The wildly popular resto, Kenzo Ramen, is scattered across Toronto (there’s a Mississauga location) and university cities such as Waterloo, St. Catharines, London and Hamilton.

And at last, it’s in Halton, right by Dorval Crossing.

Kenzo is located in a tiny plaza in the northwest corner of North Service Rd. and Dorval Dr., in the former Sachi Sushi spot.

What’s in store?

Noodles are freshly made in-house daily, and we’re all about that ramen broth, yo (it’s a mix of dried seafood, chicken, and pork bone ingredients stewed for more than 24 hours).

The taste? Perfection, whether it’s a balmy 39 C July day or a blustery, miserable Thursday in February.

All ramen sauces are made in-house and fermented for three months, according to Kenzo’s website, to provide a distinctive taste and wonderful aroma.

Kenzo Ramen has been serving Japanese noodles in Toronto since 2003 and offers a variety of ramen options from across Japan.

The Oakville resto opened in February 2018.

Popular dishes include Shoyu Ramen ($9) with savoury soy sauce-based broth, plus pork shoulder, soy sauce marinated soft boiled egg, menma, naruto maki, scallions and nori; and Shio Ramen ($9) with salt-based shio broth, roasted pork shoulder, menma, naruto maki, scallions and nori.

We love the Tonkotsu Miso ($13) with hakata-style pork bone soup with miso, roasted pork shoulder, men, naruto maki, bean sprouts, sesame seeds and scallions. The noodles are never-ending and taste so, so fresh.

This is no packaged garbage from your university glory days (glorious because you were broke but free of responsibilities).

Those looking for some heat are opting for the King of Kings Ramen ($15) with spicy shio ramen, roasted pork shoulder, soy sauce,  soy sauce marinated soft boiled egg, naruto maki, men, and nori.

Netsu Ramen ($11.50) is also proving to be a hit, we’re told, with spicy shio ramen and a choice of ground pork or chicken.

There are a few vegetarian options available.

And what’s a Japanese joint without staples such as Chicken Karaage ( it’s deep-fried chicken for $11); Gyoza (pork dumplings six pieces cost $10); or Onigirl (rice balls are $3.50 each)?

Tacoyaki is fun to say. Baked octopus balls ($11.50) are accompanied by cheese, green onions, sweet mayo and Kenzo’s special sauce then topped with bonito flakes.

Service is friendly and the resto seats about 40.

Kenzo Ramen

1122 Dorval Dr. #4, Oakville , Ontario

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