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Halton Region to take further action against climate change



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Halton Region to take further action against climate change

It was recently announced that Halton Region will be partnering with the Halton Environmental Network to take action against climate change.

Halton Regional Council has directed staff to prepare a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Halton Environmental Network.

The MOU will help advance the Region’s work in addressing climate change and will define climate change mitigation and adaptation activities that will be undertaken by the Halton Environmental Network to support Halton Region.

“Halton Region is working to reduce our carbon footprint through our programs, services and infrastructure and ensure our community is prepared for severe weather events,” said Halton Regional Chair Gary Carr.

“Through this MOU with the Halton Environmental Network, we can enhance our ability to address climate change across Halton and develop a collaborative approach to support the sustainability of the region for generations to come.”

The MOU would formalize a partnership with the Halton Environmental Network to prepare a community Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory, work with partners to form a Community Climate Action Plan, develop a Community Engagement and Outreach Plan in collaboration with the Halton Climate Collective and explore positioning the Halton Climate Collective to coordinate climate action in the region.

In September 2019, Regional Council declared a climate emergency.

As identified in the 2019-2022 Strategic Business Plan, environmental sustainability and climate change are key priorities for Regional Council.

In the 2021 Budget and Business Plan, funding was approved to support climate change initiatives such as the establishment of long-term climate change goals and targets with a goal to transform Halton into a low-carbon, climate-resilient community.

To learn more about Halton’s climate change response, click here.

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