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Halton Region donates ambulance to support COVID-19 response



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Halton Region donates ambulance to support COVID-19 response

Halton Region donated one decommissioned ambulance on Dec. 17 to the Kenora Chiefs Advisory, which will be used to support COVID-19 assessment and testing in First Nations communities in northwestern Ontario.

“Halton is proud to donate this vehicle to the Kenora Chiefs Advisory to support them in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Halton Regional Chair Gary Carr.

“This ambulance will help meet the needs of the Kenora area First Nations communities through mobile COVID-19 assessment and testing.”

The Kenora Chiefs Advisory provides services to individuals and families in 10 Kenora area First Nations communities as well as programs in health, education and social services that are delivered to ensure the survival of the Anishinaabe way in present and future generations.

“We would like to send a big thank you out to Halton Region for the donation of a decommissioned ambulance to Kenora Chiefs Advisory,” said Joe Barnes, Executive Director of the Kenora Chiefs Advisory.

“The ability for us to create new partnerships not only within our region, but outside of Northwestern Ontario will always remain a priority for us, and because of this donation, our frontline staff will be able to utilize the vehicle to the fullest as we continue to navigate this pandemic and see the continued needs for thinking outside the box when it comes to response for our communities.”

This donation demonstrates Halton’s commitment to working in a supportive and meaningful way with First Nations and Indigenous communities.

A blessing and traditional gift offering of ceremonial tied tobacco called semah, was provided by Eddy Robinson, Halton’s Indigenous Advisor and Stephen Paquette, Local Indigenous Knowledge Keeper.

Decommissioned ambulance vehicles that are donated by Halton Region are usually five years in age and have travelled between 225,000 and 275,000 kilometres.

While these vehicles have completed their life cycle with Halton Region’s Paramedic Services, they can still operate at full capacity to meet the needs of the Kenora Chiefs Advisory.

Halton Region has donated 14 ambulance and emergency response vehicles to local St. John Ambulance branches and to various charities for use in Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, South Sudan and Ukraine since 2000.

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