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Halloween Safety Tips From Halton Police



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Halloween Safety Tips From Halton Police

Well, the spookiest day of the whole year is finally here.


That means it’s time get into your costumes and start planning out your route for trick-or-treating later tonight.

Before you do this though, the Halton Police have recently put out some safety tips to follow and be aware of.

Parents, and trick-or-treaters, before heading out to collect candy make sure that children are wearing a bright costume, or something bright in general, for better visibility.

Instead of a face mask, try face paint. 

To prevent tripping and falling, make sure costumes fit properly.

Also, to improve visibility, have children carry a glow stick. They will be able to see easier and people will be able to see them easier as well.

Obey all traffic signals and cross streets at the corners.

Always utilize sidewalks.

Parents are also reminded to check their children’s candy for tampering. Although it is rare, it can happen. 

Drivers are reminded by police to slow down and watch for trick-or-treaters. 

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