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Flooding Now Possible for Parts of Halton


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Flooding Now Possible for Parts of Halton

The brutal winter weather we’ve been experiencing is about to retreat (albeit very briefly), and that could prompt some flooding in parts of Mississauga and surrounding cities.

Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) recently released a watershed conditions statement.

Since a band of snow moved through the regions last night, the chance of a flood has increased.

CVC says the snow will turn to freezing rain and then rain with the passage of a warm front. A brief thaw will arrive with temperatures soaring several degrees above freezing.

According to CVC, increased runoff due to melting snow and rain may result in the flooding of watercourses and urban areas.

The organization also says ice cover in watercourses has a small chance of breaking and resulting in ice jams causing flooding.

“Some watersheds may respond with higher flows and water levels. As a result, local streams and rivers could become dangerous, especially in the vicinity of culverts, bridges and dams. The public is urged to stay away from all watercourses,” CVC says. 

The watershed conditions statement will be in effect today and until further notice.

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