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Flood Watch for Lake Ontario Shoreline Now in Effect in Halton



Flood Watch for Lake Ontario Shoreline Now in Effect in Halton

Conservation Halton has issued another flood watch for the Lake Ontario Shoreline.

According to a recent press release, Lake Ontario reached a mean daily water level of 75.72 m on July 30, declining just under 1cm per day during the preceding week.

With that being said, the latest water level is 20 cm below this year’s peak level (recorded on June 15), however it remains 77 cm above average and continues to be a record level for this time of year. 

Although, levels have been decreasing though, according to the release.

And Conservation Halton says that Lake Ontario levels are expected to continue to slowly decline in the coming days. But, it is expected that water levels will stay elevated for the next several weeks, and well into the summer months as record inflows from Lake Erie are expected to continue.

All shoreline areas should be considered dangerous during this time.  

“Localized flooding combined with the potential for waves to overtop break walls and other shoreline structures continue to make these locations extremely dangerous,” notes the press release. “Conservation Halton is asking all residents to exercise caution around Lake Ontario shoreline areas and to alert children in your care of these imminent dangers.”

This Flood Watch – Lake Ontario Shoreline message will remain in effect until August 15. 

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