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Everything You Need to Know About Burlington’s Annual Clean Up Week


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Everything You Need to Know About Burlington’s Annual Clean Up Week

For most people, the end of winter is a relieving time of year. There is more sunlight, less snow (usually), and animals come out of hibernation – all signs that warmer days are on the way. Although, there is one negative aspect of the arrival of spring.

The snow will eventually melt, however, litter that has accumulated during the colder season often gets left behind.

In order to clean up litter left behind from the winter in Burlington, every year BurlingtonGreen organizes a city-wide clean up event.

The event also celebrates Earth Day which is on April 22 this year.

This year, the event, Clean Up Green Up, is running from April 22 to April 28.

All Burlington residents are able to participate in this event and pick up litter in their neighbourhoods and parks.

BurlingtonGreen supplies all the necessary materials for the event. Should any residents want to organize a local clean up, they can do so using the Love My Hood program.

One of the toolkits available through the Love My Hood program, as noted on the City of Burlington’s website, is a ‘greening kit.’ The kit includes a package of garbage bags, a package of clear recycling bags, a pack of leaf bags, five garbage pickers, 10 sets of cloth gloves, 10 sets of plastic gloves, and 10 safety vests.

To book a toolkit, email [email protected] or phone at 905-335-7600, ext. 7391, or book a toolkit on your event application.

If you are planning on organizing a neighbourhood clean up, the city has provided a few tips that should be taking into consideration. The tips are as follows.

  • Visit the area ahead of time to identify potential safety hazards
  • Ensure there is enough adult supervision.
  • Determine if you need any equipment (e.g. safety vests, rakes, shovels). 
  • Have a first aid kit available.
  • Work in small groups.
  • Each person should have at least one glove on.
  • Remind children to ask an adult if an item is safe to pick up if they are unsure.
  • Bring water and snacks – keep hydrated.
  • Have sunscreen and insect repellant available.

The city has also outlined some ways educators can promote a clean environment. These tips are as follows.

  • Raise awareness about litter and the environment – organize a litter poster contest. Ask a local business to sponsor a prize.
  • Reduce waste – challenge classrooms to bring litter-less lunches.
  • Organize clean-up events in the schoolyard.
  • Appoint litter ambassadors and provide incentives to students to encourage them not to litter.

Register for this year’s annual clean up week here.

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