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Downtown Burlington nearing major reduction in max building height



Downtown Burlington nearing major reduction in max building height

The City of Burlington Planning Department made its recommendations as part of the “Take a Closer Look at the Downtown” report presented to the planning committee.

Among the more notable items directed to staff was the identifying of four areas to consider reducing development height: Brant St corridor, downtown east mixed-use precinct, Locust St, and Lakeshore Rd/Burlington Ave.

Title of the document

Full list of recommendations

According to staff, the proposed plans also address Burlington’s climate change consideration integration. With the recommendations, the Planning Department believes higher densities will make more efficient use of land and resources and contribute to transportation network improvements. Staff also believes a mix of land uses will provide increased opportunities for people to “live, work, shop, study, and play” in downtown Burlington, reducing residents’ need to travel long distances on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, Suzanne Mammel, representing Hamilton Halton Home Builders’ Association (HHBA) said she wanted more time to go over materials of the report; saying the City of Burlington needs to have a conversation about affordable housing.

Mammel said the HHBA has concerns that the proposed changes could “further erode” affordability for residents.

The City of Burlington Planning Department recommendations will go to council on Jan 27.

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